Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Researchers(and others!) Pet Hobby horses to Advance Smoking Cessation

 One observation that I have discovered over the last 3+ years is the  illogical advancement of one method over another ......I am excluding e-cigarettes and smokeless tobacco products from this debate (for now)

My early-teen smoking experiences were with Capstan Full Strength, Players Navy Cut or woe betide  me Woodbine, these were all unfiltered cigarettes and all very high nicotine (and tar) products. After trying a few filtered products I found I preferred to use them, not for any notional tar -reduction but the fact that I didn't get a mouthful of fine tobacco if I carelessly puffed away. For 40+ years I happily puffed away in blissful ignorance of the so called science surrounding the filter apart from the very brief experience of  using Silk Cut which I found worse than useless and either covered up the filter or removed it entirely.
I make no apologies for giving you a potted version of the Beard smoking history especially when the latest hobbyhorse from some quarters is the Very Low Nicotine Cigarette advanced by such groups  as Aspire 2025 , Tobacco Free Kids , Truth Initiative (formerly the Legacy Foundatiom) , Centre for Tobacco Control and Research at UCSF   The reasoning behind VLNC is eviscerated by Dr M Siegel here 

Why do certain researchers and institutions come down in favour of one method,when as anyone who has gone through the experience of stopping smoking can give a very detailed account of what worked for them, imagine a smokers version of 'The Wisdom of Crowds'.
Clearly no coercion should be involved in cessation of smoking, smokers have a very strong and well deserved reputation of 'digging their heels in'
From this authors point of view simply give smokers truthful factual advice(if requested by them!) and there should be as wide an assortment of attractive smoking alternatives or the traditional NRT and medications readily available and simply allow freedom of choice.

* note I found this blog from months ago,and realised it was not published.

ps this excellent article highlights the folly of VLNC  via Prof Lynn Kozlowski here