Saturday, 27 June 2015

Journeys into the Unknown

As a 62 yo. self confessed technophobe, who only started to use a computer  in about 2007 there has been a slow but steady evolution in my skillsets, always prompted by necessity not curiosity per se .

Although University courses in the late 70's included brief glimpses of computing I was not bitten by the bug and could see little relevance for me(stupidly).

Moving forward twenty or so years to the early- nineties, I was retraining to become a mathematics teacher, computing or use of computers in general was encouraged, but not demanded, so other than the compulsory element of a word processed dissertation I once again avoided further involvement(stupidly)

My mathematics lessons occasionally involved the use of computers, to avoid this myself and a few others would exchange lessons with a keen and competent colleague(stupidly)

Retirement in 2003 meant I had an abundance of free time to travel and do the things I had dreamed of  for many years, naturally this did not involve the use of a computer(stupidly). Satellite TV via bulky separate aerials,stands,wires,digibox was sufficient entertainment for use in our well used motorhome that roamed across Europe .

My elder brother David has always been far more enthusiastic and in fact lectured in Computing Science and Electronic Engineering for upwards of 30 years, he has drip-fed me with latest trends (usually musical)that may have been useful at the time. This brings me back to the opening paragraph where I wished to convert my cd collection into mp3 format and the purchase of my first computer.

For the next 5-6 years post 2007, the computer was used in a minimal way barely scratching at the surface of its potential . Yes,e-mail accounts were introduced, TV was watched on-line, on-line banking introduced, Spotify and Last-Fm largely replaced my mp3 useage, and I was satisfied and reasonably competent in my very limited world .

All through these years I was a very heavy 40/day smoker, until early 2013, this was transformed by my conversion to e-cigarettes - my true halleluja moment both in terms of the product but more especially for the purpose of this blog it demanded that I have had to acquire some new skills to become as effective an e-cig advocate as I am capable of . Watching the ENVI committee discussions led by Linda McAvan(rapporteur) regarding the TPD was the true turning point in this need to learn how to improve my shoddy skills,but more of that another time maybe!

To anyone out there reading this (hah!), please excuse my first ever dabble at blogging both in terms of content,language and general presentation


ps  Any confusion regarding Christian names of myself were part of my lack of skillsets when establishing accounts, foolishly I used my full birth certificate name + sooner than changing the overly formal @ I have stuck with it, unfortunately it commences with my fathers name Gordon + was consequently unused in real life.


  1. Welcome to the modern world Alan. Now you have mastered how to Publish your blog in a way that we can all actually read it, I look forward to further postings ;-)

  2. Thanks Simon,its a long and winding road in so many different ways :-)

  3. Great start Alan, I know have you on my R&D feed reader