Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Why isn't Totally Wicked receiving more support?

Firstly, let me state I don't happen to use Totally Wicked products so have no conflict of interests

The TPD especially Article 20 has dire consequences for users, vendors,manufacturers of what is undoubtedly the most popular method worldwide of Tobacco Harm Reduction ie the bloody things work for a vast number of people and THIS is THREATENED

Without a definitive and  long winded history of  opposition towards the TPD, two campaigns have received modest support from the general public

EFVI  http://www.efvi.eu/  which although now complete received 185,000 signatures (the totals continue after the expiry date) . From an estimated 10 million users across the EU this was disappointing.

Totally Wicked http://article20legalchallenge.com/challenge/

These figures imply that  many of our European neighbours have either ignored this or considered it a UK only initiative with zero relevance to them . 

Surely,in the absence of anything else to challenge the TPD WE all should be  actively supporting the actions of Totally Wicked . 33,437 signatures of support (taking 5 secs) is mediocre at best . Let them walk into the courtroom with a minimum of 100,000 signatures of support to strengthen their argument . 

Who else is mounting a  very costly legal challenge from any direction?now is the time to put  commercial expoitation fears and any past bad feelings (whether justified or not) towards TW aside.

Fatilistic or 'bury the head in the sand' approaches are not required - get supporting! 

 ps..  If you are still dubious, please read this excellent blog http://fdm.ukvaping.com/2015/04/why-we-should-support/ that is very persuasive 


  1. The figures are terribly disappointing. The UK has 2.6 MILLION vapour product users and we can't even get 30,000 supporters?

    Do people really just not care?

  2. I know for a fact that many from Finland have signed but this is not in the stats for some reason?

    1. That being said I too wonder why people are so passive with these kind of things.

      Nice work with your new blog Alan!

  3. Thanks Jukka, very limited ability but trying :-)