Saturday, 4 July 2015

Apathetic, Broke or Ignorance

There has been a number of calls for collections of money in recent times to assist various campaigns, an ill-fated e-cigssavelives campaign in 2013 , 2 crowdfunders for Dr Farsalinos in 2013 and 2014, Dodo-Boxes for the Efvi campaign 2014 and NOW donations to a political party that has pledged to use the money to help to gain signatures in Wales

One thing that has always struck me throughout each of these campaigns is the relative difficulty in getting the required totals achieved


Apathy   - how many know about these campaigns who just ignore them? 'seen it all before' , 'nowt to do with me' , 'why should I bother' , 'its scaremongering', 'not going to happen'. Forums and Facebook pages abound with chat about new devices,swaps,coil builds etc  but getting involvement in advocacy/petitions/collections is so bloody difficult. Some actively make this difficult (5th columnists - luckily few of those, but they do exist!) by hi-jacking and poisoning the purpose of the thread. I simply ask these people a question is it all about YOU?  maybe it should be about giving smokers the same opportunity that we have enjoyed. YOU may be able to manage in the future,but what about the millions of smokers who will not have ready access to products or even forums?

Broke - Undoubtedly times have been hard in recent years, but even a modest token donation of £1 boosts the totals and indicates both moral and financial support. A single  10ml bottle of bought liquid £3-£6! - could that money have been donated if you thought about it?

Ignorance- Many excellent resources exist , there is no excuse to be in the dark!
this represents a tiny amount of excellent quality resources
join as a supporter(free)

Another feature that is perplexing to me and really the purpose of this blog


Firstly, let me state categorically this is not directed at all vendors but, and a very big BUT at way too many 


1) No donations from you towards fundraising ?
2) Why not informing customers properly about important campaigns with newsletters,mailshots,Fb + Twitter entries?
3) Why not actively campaigning as above- Is anything on your website about ANY campaign ?
4) Why is activism in general ignored by you ?

graphic courtesy of @VaEHp  who points out what you already know, its the will to do it that's sadly lacking!

I have heard many moans from the dedicated consumer activists about this irresponsible, incomprehensible lack of feckin interest from vendors who seemingly don't care a jot, why should they be left to fight OUR battle alone?

Now is the time to MAN up not just STOCK up - because that will be a distant memory unless you get involved NOW

just as a reminder ,even though you shouldn't need it read Dave Kitson's excellent blog

btw an important update from Totally Wicked - downloadable support forms for vendors + consumers

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