Sunday, 5 July 2015

Breaking Out #1

These are just a few rambly thoughts put down more for me to refer to,but may provoke others to add and refine in a far more eloquent manner

Vaping advocacy involves getting across truthful messages,education and information about campaigns, but we have had very limited success so far in this. This is not a criticism,simply a statement of fact,that the 'message' is only heard by relatively tiny numbers of devotees inotherwords 'preaching to the converted'

Without me ranting about Vaping  Facebook groups and Forums that have little interest in such matters(some rare exceptions)  it brings me to other options that need exploration

Following a series of twitter exchanges with friends it led me to thinking about something we all have probably considered, maybe tried,maybe failed. As a forerunner to me trying and obviously succeeding with my conversion to e-cigs I used to spend long hours on a pedelec(electric bike) forum

Lo and behold I stumbled across this month old thread (at that time) as a heavy smoker @40/day over a 45 year period I was inspired by the thought process and experiences charted by the author and inspiration for the blog @neptune  and swiftly joined a forum ( and received some great buying advice - needless to say it worked! Can I add that the pedelec forum thread is the longest running most popular thread on an Electric Bike Forum.

this was started in pedelecs in an 'off-topic' chat section , Similarly but with less success I started something similar in another pastime

*updated* @balbecdaze (Liam) put forward this as another eg

We all have pastimes !! that we may belong to on forums - have they got an off-topic section?

Another very obvious way is to write factual replies in newspaper articles and journals,avoiding angry ranting if at all possible - they are great free opportunities to further our messages

These are very simplistic ways of trying to spread the message 'outside of the box' ....we need very many more be continued

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