Sunday, 12 July 2015

An unashamed plug for Daily News in

Firstly I must state a conflict of interest, I along with a number of others (12 currently) voluntarily find news articles ,research papers and blogs of interest ,these are then assembled,curated and published by the mysterious editor.

The idea originated in October 2014 with the first Daily News published in November, this is put out on the website, Facebook and Twitter

Obviously I am slightly biased, but the content and presentation would lead me to suggest this is the leading daily resource, especially for busy people who cannot spend all day trawling through a multitude of Facebook posts. Twitter used to be a very good resource especially when it had the 'Discovery' feature,but sadly this has now been removed.

If you have never tried the Daily News give it a go and register your appreciation with twitter and Facebook likes (500 just achieved btw) , the other alternative is to receive your Daily News by e-mail

to find the above,simply click to find the subscription information on the right hand side of the page

If you do have interesting blogs or news articles not covered that you feel would be of general interest contact through any of the above avenues mentioned earlier .

Happy Reading

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